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Jobs in Cuba

Find work in Cuba and post job openings here

Since all labor in Cuba is controlled in some way by the Cuban government or joint ventures that are required to use Cuban labor (paid at Cuban wages) there really is no opportunity for a job listing board, employment service, or contract bid site at this time.

However, we developed this site for those looking for work in Cuba and companies that intend to be hiring employees in Cuba once the economy is no longer centrally controlled by the Castro regime.

Recently, the Cuban government posted 178 new Cuban job descriptions that are now allowed by license in Cuba, for Cuban citizens.

We would like to hear from employment agencies, potential employers and contractors who think they will be in need of Cuban labor and foreign labor in Cuba if/when Cuba relaxes its centrally controlled administration of labor on the island.

Here are some of the categories we intend to feature here in the future:

  • Cuban Employment Agencies
  • Talent Agencies, artists and actors
  • Cuban Government work and requests for proposals
  • Bids on government and private contractor work
  • Cuban Restaurant and Hotel help
  • Salespeople
  • Cuba Skilled Labor

...and so much more. Imagine the job opportunities for Cubans and foreigners once Cuban government to rebuild and enter the international economy.

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